How much is too much email?

Email can be conflicting.

On one hand, you have a lot to say.  The desire to form a relationship with your email list burns like a fire within you.

But equally, you don’t want to bother people too much.

What is playing in the back of our minds every time we hit send.

But the reality is there are 2 groups of people on your list.  Those who like your stuff, click on everything, really engage…and those who don’t.

Wondering how much to email your list?

Watch this video.

We talk about how often to email, and what to measure success by.

Key Takeaway:
Email, at least, once a week. But the goal is daily

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Can’t watch the video?

No problem.  Here’s what we talked about…


Hey, hey, hey, my Freedym freaks.

It's Ryan along with Josh and Travis. Today we're talking about email. And more specifically, how often you should email.

I've had people say, Well, Ryan, I, you know, I email like, once a month is that enough. Not even close. They just simply forget about you. I recommend, at a minimum, minimum, minimum, minimum, (say that three times) once a week.

But I actually like to start with these I recommend you start with once a week and you start increasing the frequency, you know, go to twice a week, watch the numbers, see what happens go to three times a week, with most of my emails, I actually email daily, but there's a whole system, we're going to talk a lot about that throughout Freedym and giving you specific advice on how to write better emails.

I recommend more the more emails you make it with a deeper connection, the more money you're going to make your team money hit me, what do you think?


I'm about making money. So I like making money from emails. So I think once the what the deal is, is email as often as you can get people to click, the more often people, the more often people are engaging with your emails, and they're clicking, the more often they probably want to hear from you take those as indicators and email more often, if you can.

And to the people that are engaging with you more, maybe it's a good idea to email them more often.

A lot of people will get get scared, and they won't, they won't email as much because they don't think these people are engaged. Take the indicators from your list the things that actually make you money.

The number one thing that makes you money is people click that engage in click on your emails, if they're clicking out there, they're engaged. And that's a good indicator that you can that you can get an email maybe even a little bit more, or emails you're sending more money you're gonna make.


And to be honest, what you touched on about the reason that people don't email with such frequency is because they are afraid to piss people off saying I don't want to bother them, right.

That's what they say, exactly right. Like I don't want to inundate them. And you'll get one or two people that will actually reach out maybe and say, hey, look, I've gotten so many emails, what are you doing to us?

I can tell you, though, that, that that is the extreme minority, unless you truly are spamming people with a ridiculous amount of emails, 10-15 a day kind of thing. Things that are unwelcome, you know, don't do that.

But but for the most part, once twice a day, I mean, even more frequently for the people that are clicking, I think that's totally spot on. And in my personal experience, I have seen direct correlations between how many emails you send, and how much money you make. So it's really there.


Especially if people like what it is they're subscribed to. And look, if you're hard pitching and hard selling every time, it's not going to be a great experience.

But if they're really into movie trivia, and you're emailing them two, three times a day, different movie trivia things. One of my friends emails, like four or five times a day, and he's like, look, people will watch CNN or Fox News five hours a day, you're telling me that like, they want this stuff?

I mean, Travis, you've seen the same stuff as well.


Yeah, that's a great point, like people will, people will engage with what they want. And if you've got great stuff to tell them, tell them when you want to just go ahead, like if you're inspired, tell them send them an email.

That's okay.

And if you're watching Freedym, you probably have really great stuff to say all the time. So yeah, I think if I think if you're here, you're on your way to email and more.


Yeah, and we're gonna be emailing you like animals.

And one finally to what you said Travis was like, with clicks like you really, if you actually think about it, openings are great, but clicks are the big metric you should be looking at.

We're going to dive more into that and Freedym but you'll find out on this site and in our email as you get 10 A day.

Yo, this is Ryan, Travis and Josh signing off. Keep emailing, keep serving, keep putting out good stuff, and keep watching everything we're doing here. See you soon guys.

We'll email you 34 times a day, before 7am.

Just kidding.

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