Here’s the truth about getting some clarity.

If you’ve ever been to a mastermind or attended a webinar, or simply spoken to anyone building their own business, there’s one thing everyone wants.

Yes, money.

But something else.


I do.

If profit is king, clarity is queen.

So how do you get it?

Looking for some clarity on what to do?

Watch this video.

This will set you in the right direction.

Key Takeaway:
The fastest, easiest way to get some clarity is to take some kind of action. Even if that action is small, it will illuminate exactly what to do or how to adjust.

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Can’t watch the video?

No problem.  Here’s what we talked about…


Hey, it's Ryan. And welcome back.

I'm here with Travis and Josh and right now we're going to talk about the idea of vision and focus, but more specifically, clarity.

Well, how do you get clear? How do you get clear? I need more clarity.

Travis, talk to me. Talk to me, give me some clarity.


Everybody spends so much time trying to get clear before they do anything. And that is not where it's at.

Clarity sometimes comes from the most unexpected source. And Josh, is the guy to tell us about that.


Yeah, well, to me, clarity comes from action. Right?

There is a time and a place to think through things, certainly plan things, right? Do your best to foresee different circumstances.

But what's really going to make the difference is you taking action, that's when you'll really see when things are working and when they're not. And that's really what clarity is, right?

It's clarity of purpose and knowing that you're doing that is through action.


And the irony is not lost on me that we're talking about clarity, and Josh's video started to bust up there, because he's doing it from the desert of New Mexico.

And it was his video was unclear, but the message was clear and get that action comes before the clarity and the clarity comes from action.

So another nice wrap up there from Travis and Josh, and this is Ryan as always more to come.

Keep clicking, keep watching, keep taking action, because when you get when you create that action, you become clear. So stay clear, my friends, keep clicking see on the inside.

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