The simple way to find the perfect partner for any venture or project.

When you break it down, there are two types of people.

Starters and finishers.

First, determine which you are.

We're all asking ourselves the same thing.

Then, find the yin to your yang.  The chocolate to your banana.

Thinking about partnering with someone?

Watch this video.

Ryan has done countless partnerships and has learned a thing or two.  He sums it up in this video.

Key Takeaway:
Simply ‘getting along with someone’ isn’t enough. You must have complementary skill sets.

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Welcome back to Freedym. It's Travis here with Ryan and Josh.

Today we're talking about something that I think a lot of people don't talk about when we're starting an online business, or at least early on, is the idea of partnerships.

And we have found a great partnership with each other here. But there are some serious pitfalls. And we've all had some real problems.

Josh, tell us about some of this.


Well, I mean, I feel like the default sort of conclusion that you make as a business owner is that, oh, you know what, I don't have that skill set, I need to find somebody that I can partner with. But a lot of times, you have to make sure that that partnership is the right type of person. And, you know, I haven't done too many in the past.

Ryan, you've done a ridiculous amount of partnerships. What do you think?


Yeah, I've had a lot of partnerships. And yeah, obviously, there's the personality thing that matters most. But it really is about though, matching up the skill sets, there's, there's really starters and finishers.

If you think about it, there's someone who has these ideas, they're excited, they want to launch this thing. They tend to partner with other people like that they go to an event, like "oh my god, I love doing this." The other person's like, oh my god, and you think it's gonna be this great partnership, you get excited.  You launch it, and then it fizzles really quick, because there's no implementer, there's no, there's no one working the back end.

And the slog when it gets hard, or it's the opposite. And you're both like analytical spreadsheet people, but you don't have anyone to actually launch the company, you have to find someone who matches the personality and the skill set.

The reason it works with us is because each of us are really good at our specific thing. And it all meshes.

If we were all amazing, just traffic, people like Travis, then we might be able to get great at traffic. But we're not going to have the infrastructure that Josh could build or maybe not that the monetization models that I could bring.

So finding people who match the skill sets that you really need to get fills, fill in the gaps. That's going to be more important than just someone who's more like you. In fact, you probably want to find someone who's a little bit more opposite.

So that's my little shtick on partnerships and it'll make you happy in the long run.


Good partnerships will make you happier, just like this one.

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