How do you create ads that cut through the noise?

That’s what we’re all after, right?

Unique, stand-out ads that convince people to buy.

But how do you come up with ideas?

We want to create ads that make people feel things.

Start thinking about the ‘vibe.’

Want to quickly create some incredible ads?

Watch this video.

Travis breaks down his process.

Key Takeaway:
Model the vibe, but change the ad

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What's going on guys? Josh, Ryan, and Travis from Freedym.

Today we're talking about, honestly, how to get the vibe for your ads. Now, Travis, I've learned so much from you with regards to Facebook ads and how to do this.

So what are your thoughts on, on getting inspiration?


This is exciting stuff, because now we're talking about things that are in my wheelhouse.

And right now, right now, Ryan is in the middle of doing some research and writing some ads for one of his own companies.

So I actually want to talk to you talk to him about what he's doing, and how I might be able to help him grab some inspiration.


So so what we're doing for one of my companies called bone and brew, it's bone broth, but we're kind of in the, in the coffee category.

So I've been looking at other advertisers, I'm trying to type everything I can on Facebook that has to do with coffee, and mushroom coffee, and, and help drinks and bone broth.

Because I want the ads to come up, I want to be served these ads. So I was seeing this company rise super foods and seeing their ads over and over again.

So I came to the Facebook ads library. And you know, just trying to get the vibe of this right? Like what I'm what I'm noticing immediately is, there's a lot of video.

I mean, Travis, what would be your takeaway, if you were, if I'm saying okay, let's run some ads to for bone and bro.


Yeah, well, I would look at this, I would look at this. And I would, I would search by I would search this by the date and see which ones have been long running the longest.

That's the first thing I would do.

Because the ones that are running for a long period of time generally means those have been tested and are continuing to run.  And this is where this is where Facebook ads Library is a little bit clunky.

I'm going to show it's gonna show everything that's currently running. But as you scroll down, you're gonna get more and more. You're gonna get the


this is before but yeah, so Alright, so Ronnie got a few months. Yeah, so those.


So some of these, like now you can start to see that they're older ads had a lot more information in them. So they're kind of like an almost infographic style.

And those are probably still working. And they're trying a bunch of new things, a bunch of new vibes. And so what you really want to do is you want to try to find if this is an ideal, or a very direct competitor, you want to take and get the vibe of the ads that are working, like what are the what are the key components? How are they talking to people? Are they giving, giving them, you know, five reasons to drink this.

And it's giving them some reasons, like that's something that you can model. Never copy these things you want to take, you want to take the idea? And then rewrite this entirely to your own brand.


Yeah, exactly.

You want to model the vibe, you do not want to copy.

And then obviously you could look and start to see what landing page they're taking them to, are they and this is interesting, because they're taking them right to the homepage. There's not even a specific landing page, which I find pretty interesting.


Yeah, these are the exciting things that you find when you start digging through. Because that's something that you can probably do much, much better.


Yeah. So bottom line, check out Facebook ads library, get in there, play.

Go on Facebook, start looking at different companies. So you can start being served these ads, click on the ads, and then start looking at the Facebook ads library to see what feels good for you and what vibe you want a model.


I'm telling you I seriously learn so much about ads every time I talk to you guys every time you two are in the same room together even virtual zoom rooms.

Like I learned so much about about ads and ad strategy. So thank you.

That's this is it. This is Freedym. This is what we're all about. So if you haven't subscribed yet, subscribe to the newsletter. Keep clicking, keep testing out ads. Remember don't copy things.

Just get the vibe and we will catch you in the next video. Adios

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