How do I get people into my membership program?

That’s the big question, right?

Do you sell the membership upfront?  Or instead, sell it later once someone is on your email list?

Choose wisely, my friend.

It was the carpenter's cup.

The reality is that very few membership programs are sold ‘right out of the gate.’

Thinking about starting a membership program?

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These are the realities of creating (and selling) a membership program that few people want to discuss.

Key Takeaway:
It's a mistake to try and sell a "cold" audience into a continuity program

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Hey it’s Ryan back here with Freedym along with my partners, Josh and Travis. And we are talking about continuity income recurring revenue.

And I think a big mistake I've seen as people try to sell it immediately, maybe they'll do a Facebook ad or an Instagram ad or YouTube and they'll say, hey, it's John and I have a new fitness club, it's $50 a month, click here to join. And they try to do this with cold audiences.

It just doesn't work.

I recommend if you're going to have recurring revenue programs, especially digital, sell it on the back end, get them into your world, get them on a list, and maybe sell a low product offer. And then you could say, oh, by the way, if you liked this, if you liked this fitness program, if you liked this marketing advice, we do have a membership.

We have a club, we have a program, we have a newsletter, try this. Travis, what's your perspective on why people don't sign up right away for recurring revenue.


That's great advice.

For this reason, basically, people need to really know, like, and trust you, most importantly, they need to trust you by the time in order for them to subscribe to your program, because it's going because this is a long term commitment. And people are averse to long-term commitments just in just about anything.

So we want to give them something little, something little that they can, they can get in and they can understand kind of a little bit about what you're what you are, and know that they can trust you enough that they want to hang out with you for a while.

Because even if you do the risk reversal, and you push that stuff upfront, it really is tough because people believe they that they're going to be stuck and it's going to be hard to cancel, doesn't matter how easy it is, they still think it's always going to be a challenge.

And so just the way to the way to beat that objection, right up front is don't sound upfront, give them give them an opportunity to trust you to see how great you are, and then keep them with you for long term.

Now, Josh has worked at this and a number of angles, but I think is specifically with with with physical products, and you have a lot of experience with this.


Yeah, I mean, a lot of what you said is absolutely true is it's the physical product stuff that people need to they need to try it, you know, they need to test it, they need to get a little bit of a taste before they're willing to commit, especially for a, you know, a more expensive sort of product.

So that was what we were actually selling. We were putting together a premium product. And it was a little bit more expensive. The ingredients were fantastic and everything, but people needed to try it first.

Travis, let me touch on something that you just said, because I know that a lot of people hear the word "trust" and it's thrown around all the time. Here's the best way I have ever heard somebody define trust, it's split between two things evenly. It's credibility and reliability.

So if you can think of it in those two things, split those up, do you have the credibility? And are you relatable? I can guarantee you that people will start trusting you.


I like that. Yeah, credibility reliability.

And you do that by if you sell something, or even give it away for free by delivering what you promise, and then showing up consistently, right and, and also with recurring revenue, especially if you're selling it on the back, you have to have some patience.

I know we're in a rush to try to get people on recurring and recurring billing. And it's different if you're selling a household name, if you're selling Netflix, people know what that is. But if you're selling your program or your product, it's likely not a household name.

So you just have to have a little patience. So this is this video I know is gonna save a lot of people, dare I say millions of people, it's gonna save you guys a lot of headache and heartache trying to force and sell it on the front when you just relax, build the relationship, build the trust, and do it on the back.

So great feedback, my fellow Freedym entrepreneurs. And as always, we've got more stuff coming for you. There's always more continuity, talk more email, more, trust more, just list building. Really good stuff.

Keep watching, keep clicking, keep interacting, and keep moving forward. Ryan, Travis and Josh signing off. See on the next one.

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