How do you book fantastic podcast guests?

For the listener, there’s nothing worse than a boring podcast.

Actually, for the podcaster, too.

Because for all the time and effort put forth to create the episode, the last thing you want is for your final product to fall flat.

You can avoid putting your audience through podcast purgatory.

There are so many interesting people out there.

So many different points of view.

Here’s how to capture them and use them to your advantage.

Use this simple technique to book the most interesting guests on the planet for your podcast.

Watch this video.

We talk about it in greater detail.

Key Takeaway:
At the end of the episode, ask your guest who the most interesting person they know is, and would they be appropriate for the show.

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Hello, and welcome back to Freedym. It's Travis here with Ryan and Josh, today we've been talking about podcasts.

And just as we were having a discussion off camera, we started talking about how we get guests. And of course, the only way that I would get guests is I would run paid traffic. But I don't think most people are gonna do that.

Ryan, you had amazing guests on your podcast? What was your strategy?


Yeah, the first thing I did was obviously go to my immediate network.

Like everyone I knew, all of my people have email addresses, even my social media network. But eventually, especially because I was doing a daily show, you know, seven shows a week it starts to run dry, even with someone who's pretty connected, especially people you want, you want the right guests for your show, as well.

You know, I asked like cousin Leo to be a guest on Sunday, just because it has nothing to do with your topic.

So Josh and I were talking about how we got guests. And it's funny, we both did the same thing that increased our network exponentially.

And I know Josh, you love talking about what this strategy used?


It was a game changer for me, for sure. Because you're right, like, after about 30 episodes doing a daily one as well, man, you just start to get desperate.

You're like, man, should I, you know, should I ask my aunt, like the hairdresser? So what I started to do was at the end of the show, after we went offline, we were doing it on a Facebook Live.

So after the camera cut out, I would ask them, I would say "now that you've gotten a sense of what the show is, like, and you're all super high on it, who's the most interesting person that you know? And would they be appropriate for the show?"

They love that question. Because like you said before, right, Ryan, like, like, they're proud of their network, and they want to sort of show that off a little bit. And on top of that, like they if you delivered a really good, you know, conversation and podcast experience, but you got the credibility now.

They're gonna want to they're gonna look good, referring their friends to you. And that led to so many incredible introductions. I had the docket filled for, you know, for the for the rest of like, the 170 episodes was all just intros.


Yeah. And what I did was, and I don't know if you did this, Josh, because I didn't want to overwhelm them and have to say, "Oh, let me think about it."

I would say just give me one.

Because I think if you say give me 10 guests, 10 people who you think would be good guests, like, Oh, let me get back to you. Let me think about it. But if you put them on the spot right there and say, All right, I hope you liked it. Just give me one who's one good person.

And then they say, oh, this person and they say, Hey, would you mind? I don't know if you did this, Josh. But I'd say "Would you mind just introducing us like a little warm intro?"


That's an amazing takeaway is just go ahead and ask for that warm intro.

Along those lines, I have a quick question though. Both of you had a lot of really interesting guests that you've got through this method.

Is there somebody that kind of shocked you and how cool they were, or somebody that you never thought you would get on your podcast that you ended up with?


I interviewed a guy I've known for a while anyway, Gary Vaynerchuk. This before he really kind of blew up. And I remember interviewing, and the only time we were trying to schedule it back and forth. The only time he could do it was at like, nine or 930 at night. And, man, I've got four kids. I'm in my pajamas by eight.

And I'm like, You know what, fine, go. We'll do it. We schedule it. And you know, we're ending is like Ironman Right? Great talking about I gotta run. I have another interview scheduled. And this was 930 at night. I'm like, Are you insane?

Like, I couldn't wait to go to sleep. So he was actually living in the hustle life. I'm like, man, and I knew like, not for me. And that was the only night interview I did. Yeah. Josh, what was yours?


The one guy that surprised me was Wayne Ellington, he is a gentleman that sang at Prince Harry's wedding, he was the singer that was chosen over in the UK.

And at the end of the interview, we did this thing and it was totally unplanned. And this was live mind you on Facebook.

But I asked him if he would just sing a bar or two, just to give everybody a sense, because we talked about it the entire episode. And he ended up singing this whole rendition of the song live, like, and it was, it was honestly the coolest thing ever.

It was like this private, private concert with just me and everybody that was watching. That was that was, that was incredible. That was like one of those moments where you're just like, Yeah, I like it.

This is amazing.


That that's, yeah, that beats my story of staying up till 9pm. That's my stories. Like, I stayed up till 930 at night. Like I sang with the guy who sang at the royal wedding. Yeah, so it's pretty close.


But no, but that's what that's like, you know, that's the kind of thing that was through an introduction.

That was straight up through an introduction and yeah, so you just never know who you're gonna get.


Yeah, that's awesome. That's awesome. I think this is a really cool, this is a really cool topic.

And that takeaway, of course, you get really cool stories like this by talking to people that you're interesting, interested in and staying really interested and once they're excited, and they've been through this really fun interview, just ask them ask him for that intro get a warm introduction, and you may be surprised at how many amazing people you get to meet.

I think that's another great episode of Freedym. This is Travis for Ryan and Josh and just keep clicking.

Keep checking us out we're gonna keep making more quality videos like this with great info on podcasts and podcasts and growing your list and making money online and all the other cool stuff.


And if you guys know someone send them over! See, you say you got to ask.


I keep didn't even remember to ask for the intro. Come on!

Good luck, everyone.

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