Spending way too much time on your graphics?

You’re not alone.  We all do it.

In fact it’s one of those things that can really stall out momentum.  The idea of the perfect logo or the branding style that’s just going to “pop” way too hard to be ignored.

Yet, somehow we’re never satisfied.

Looking at what you've just spent 17 hours on. We've all been there.

But having designed many things over the years, including the branding for Freedym, here’s what I’ve learned.

Getting stuck on the visuals?

Watch this video.

It’s what I do every time I design something.  Freedym branding included.

Key Takeaway:
Design something and then force yourself to stop and sleep on it

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Can’t watch the video?

No problem.  Here’s what we talked about…


Hey, it's Ryan along here with Josh and Travis, we are back and ready to rock your world. Today, we're talking graphics over producing, under producing.

Travis, I know, for a long time with your own personal business, you were stuck even just on like the look, the logo, the graphics.


Yeah, it's amazing. It's amazing how even if you think you're a smart, smart person, and you've done really well with your business, I was stuck for months, and honestly didn't launch, I didn't launch an entire business line, because I was trying to get the logo perfect.

Just so it would look and feel like me and just feel right.

And just, it really held me up.

I think Josh has the best way to look at this because he actually gets things done.


We all get things done! But but as far as you know, somebody that actually created the brand. So for instance, with Freedym, I would do my research, I would test out and play around with different graphical styles.

But here's where I think most people go wrong. They don't force themselves to stop, right? That's my secret, I will force myself to stop designing. And I will sleep on it for a night or two or three, you know, depending and then I'll come back to it and see how I feel. with fresh eyes.

It's very easy to get tangled up in your own in your own minds, not of, of, of Well, should I make this little adjustment and that love judgment starts to get nitpicky. And that's where you will absolutely paralyze yourself.

So if I have one piece of advice it is design the logo to the best of your ability, right? Close your laptop, close canvas, sleep on it, then come back to it in a few days and see how you feel.


Yeah this is really, really big. I can't tell you how many people I've worked with, and they haven't done anything because they've been working on a logo for six months, like your logos fine.

So I like that.

Do a little bit, shut the laptop, shut your computer, sleep on it. Come back with fresh eyes. That's actually really good advice in every part of your business. And just like great advice, we're going to hit you with freedom with every day continue to keep coming back and watching and moving forward.

Don't move forward too much. Stop, take a little break and then start your day again with freedom because we are here to rock your world. Along with Travis, Josh and myself.

This is Ryan see on the next one. Bye bye

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