The art of the simple design.

Colors and graphics can make or break a design.

But one sure-fire way to stack the chips in your favor?

Keep things simple.

People get simple. Easy as that.

Often, it’s a bit more difficult to design something simple as opposed to ‘packing everything in.’

But there are some things that can help you in the process.

Want to know how to get inspiration for simple designs and colors?

Watch this video.

This is what I’ve been using for years.  It’s never failed me.

Key Takeaway:
Less is more when it comes to design.

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Can’t watch the video?

No problem.  Here’s what we talked about…


Hello, and welcome to Freedom. This is Travis and I'm here with Ryan and Josh.

Today we're talking about design, and specifically a little bit about brand design.

Ryan, you have done a ton of brands and a lot of products. So I'd love to hear what you think is the most important thing about brand and design?


Well, you know, I think a lot of us go way too complicated, especially with things like logo, they have so many different elements, but more specifically, color.  

Josh, hit me up with color, I know you have a very specific thought process when it comes to color and design.


I do. And I think that less is more, that is the best if you look at a lot of the brands that the most famous plans that you know, and you look at which colors they use, they don't have, you know, five color scheme things where they try and push all of these colors together, unless you're Google.

But even Google doesn't really do that.

But the point is, is that really just choose a single strong color, and then maybe build from there. So for instance, Ryan, one of my favorite tools that you're in right now is called "dribbble."

And what you can do is you can look up and search any kind of term. And in fact, let's change this up a little bit. Instead of logo search, let's say that we were going to be doing some kind of media company, right, so we just type in media. Outlet, let's see what comes up.

What we're going to do is we're going to now filter by color.

So if you go over to the right hand side, click filters, and then choose whichever color you want, you're going to find here is that you have an opportunity to see how people have used that particular color in conjunction with other stuff that we can see that it's either just a different hue of the color or it's the complete opposite complementary type of color.

But it'll give you some really good ideas.

I'm going to finalize with one thing I want you to keep in mind is that you look at these things and you think, Oh, these people are brilliant. They came up with all of this stuff right off the top of their heads 99.9% of the time, that's not true. Use this kind of thing to inspire you to create something right? Use what other people have done. That's exactly what they did.

You can use that to start here and I guarantee you that it will, it will absolutely rocket you ahead of the competition and make sure that you create something that's incredible and memorable.


That's it. Just keep it simple.

When it comes to design, pick one color and stick with it.

Ryan, Travis and Josh. We'll see you next time. Peace

Isn't simple better?

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