No, more is not more.

So you’ve heard you must "provide value" to get your audience (or all those future customers) to know, like and trust you.

A vague statement at best.

But here is the reality.

Quantity does not equal value.  Quality does.

Quality is what people want, not quantity.

Instead of blasting your audience with anything and everything you can think of, provide less.

Why?  Because less things to think about means more focus.

Thinking about creating a ‘thing’ for your audience?

Watch this video.

This is going to save you a lot of headaches.

Key Takeaway:
It's better to give ONE way to do something than 101 ways to avoid overwhelming them

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Can’t watch the video?

No problem.  Here’s what we talked about…


Hey guys, what's going on? This is Josh, Ryan, and Travis from Freedym. Welcome to video. Today we're talking about how less is more I have personally seen especially when people are doing lead gen that they try to overcomplicate what they're giving up front. Travis, you've done so much lead gen would, what do you think about this?


Man, this is no joke. When we're talking about lead gen, I see so often people are trying to give away the farm and add so much value.

But really the key is to pinpoint it down to one specific thing, one little tiny problem that you can actually solve with whatever you're giving them away for free. And I don't think anybody's better than that. And doing that than Ryan is. So Ryan, take it away?


Well, yeah, and I think it's good to give you like a specific example, what a lot of us will do will say, Okay, here's 101 of the best ab exercises or 101 ways to do this or 1001 ways, when especially when it comes to lead gen, you're better off eliminating all that and just giving one like, you're better off saying here's the number one best add exercise to do to lose weight or to get fitter, get six pack abs, verse 101, and often we find that one outperforms 50 100 101.

So it's not always about bulk a lot of times it's less is more, especially on the front end offer. So go last page, shrink that baby down.


So I love it. I love it. I think the more that you have the the less importance every one of those things has. So you got to focus on people and totally agree so man, appreciate it, dude. I think that's great advice, guys.

This is the kind of thing that we're doing in Freedym. Less is more, we're simplifying. So if you haven't checked out the newsletter, do that first go subscribe, watch some more videos. Think less today, baby think less. All right, Josh Ryan Travis outta here. See you guys. See ya

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