We "officially" give you permission to suck.

Not that you need it.

But sometimes, we all need to remind ourselves that holding to a high standard at the beginning of any venture can be unrealistic.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) that you see who is ‘successful’ at one point or another was bad at what they are now praised for.

We all are.

The difference lies in choice.

Are you someone who dissociates from performance and actively learns from their mistakes?

Or not?

Here’s what to do when something’s not working out as you thought it would.

Watch this video.

It’s ok to suck.

Key Takeaway:
Embrace your failures because that's how you learn

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Hey, my fellow Freedym freaks. We are back. It is Ryan, along with Travis and Josh.

Today we're talking about success and failures coming out of the gate winning and maybe stumbling out of the gate. And, maybe it's not that bad to stumble out the gate.  

Speaking of failure, stumbling out of the gate and constantly falling down. Josh, I know you did a lot, first getting started in the app world. And that was, that was a tough game to play.


That was a tough game to play. Because at the time, I thought that just building something would be the solution to all of my problems.  That the hard work was the building of it.

And I found out really quickly that that is not the case, especially in a market like apps.  This was in 2013, 2014. And it really started going hard. Everybody and their mother was developing apps at that point. So unless you knew something about sales and marketing, you were going to fail, your app was going to fail.

I could have just given up and said, "You know what, screw all this software stuff. I'm just not good at it." But I didn't. I learned from my mistakes. And that's how I got really deep into sales and marketing and understanding that world. And I know like, so I tried to learn from my failures as best I could. And I know Travis like that's, that's one of the things that you live by.


Man, I think this is one of those core things that people don't talk about enough, but we don't really embrace because there's not only, not only do you learn 1000 times more from the things that you failed, and the frustrations of getting something right. But sometimes the opposite is also true.

Like if you happen to have success right out of the gate. Very often, we don't know what made that work. And it's frustrating when you're trying to get something going and you're iterating and you're learning as you're going failing through things. That can be frustrating. But there's nothing more frustrating than when you have something that worked, and then it stops working.

And you don't know why.

Then you're then you can spend your entire life the rest of your life trying to replicate, replicate that overnight success, which basically means you probably just got lucky.

So I think I think kind of one of the takeaways, or one of the things that we should all do is just embrace the process of sucking when you start. Because everybody, when they start doing something new, any new skill, you're supposed to suck at it, you're supposed to take one step, put one foot in front of the other, learn a little bit from every single step, and then you build on that you get a little bit better, and you get a little bit better. And over time, you become excellent. And you have the foundations that will last a lifetime.

We all want to shoot for success right out of the gate. But when it doesn't happen, celebrate the loss. And one of the ways that I even like to do this is to go and look at other people's other people's marketing, like when we're talking specifically about ads is just look at other people's that just aren't doing that well. Like take a look at the Facebook ads library and add some smaller advertisers, maybe some competitors, and just recognize that they're not all that good. And you can learn from some of their mistakes.

So if you could take that and it just little steps, little steps, little steps, you'll eventually get there and you'll enjoy the success because it'll last a lot longer.


Yeah so don't be so hard on yourself if you don't have home run out of the gate and embrace the suck. Right? Like it's okay and look at it as a positive.

So, Travis thank you.

As always, you guys just were putting together this beautiful stew of awesomeness you know, the tactical stuff, the personal development, but this is the kind of stuff that people do really need to hear just as much as they need to hear how to build a list right? It's like this foundational stuff to keep you going.

So we are signing off with today's video. On behalf of Josh and Travis This is Ryan. As always stay tuned. More coming your way. Embrace the suck my friends!

Suck, faster.

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