Sales Consulting: How to START, and how to SCALE.

Let Adrian Miller show you the way.

Meet Adrian Miller.

Who is Adrian?

Sales trainer, consultant, speaker and author Adrian Miller has a dream job.  For the past 26 years, people pay her a lot of money to simply sit you down, look you in the eye, and slap you in the face with the truth.  

Remember Alec Baldwin’s character in Glengarry Glen Ross?  The famous ‘Always be closing’ speech? Alec’s got NOTHING on Adrian Miller.

Her sales consulting business ‘Adrian Miller Sales Training’ has worked with clients and companies large and small, helping them squeeze every cent out of their sales pursuits. Because at the end of the day, we all want to maximize our ROI in whatever endeavor we pursue.

Her talents don’t stop on the stage or in the boardroom, however.  She is a proficient writer, as she is the author of “The Blatant Truth: 50 Ways to Sales Success,” “The Blatant Truth: How to Not Screw Up The Customer Service Game,” and “Dispatches From the Frontline: Musings on Sales, Business Development and Networking” a collection of her popular articles and blog posts.

Looking to START a sales consulting business?

Here's Adrian's advice for you.

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Adrian's advice:

"The first thing you should do, I mean it's kind of like how I started my company which was a reactive store anyway wasn't like I had a plan, was to call everyone I knew.

Literally by phone and sit and say hey, here's what I'm up to now and any needs know anyone who needs, know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who needs...and all that can be facilitated a whole lot easier now it's through social media and email and all that stuff.

The phone still actually helps a lot.

But yeah, I mean network, get yourself out there. Use social media to its very best advantage and know who you know who your customers are, again, the person who has the great idea and the great product sometimes doesn't know who really is going to buy it.

So they may be talking to the wrong people. Their messaging is going out to the wrong people.

That has to be really crystal clear because you can waste so much time talking to the wrong people and lose time and money."

Looking to SCALE and GROW your sales consulting business?

Here's Adrian's advice for you.

Adrian's advice:

"The thing that some of my clients love more than anything else is that I try to schedule a monthly gut check.

Like, how are we doing? Am I on target? Are you comfortable? Do you want me to do something else? Am I doing too little of this and too much of that? Are we meeting your goals but more importantly, exceeding your goals every month?

Even when they don't want to do it. I say, you know, let's do it. You, me. I'm pretty fun person. Spend 15 minutes I'm sure we'll get into something good.

That has saved my ass because all of a sudden I can hear you know, they're not even saying the words but I can hear a little disconnect and I can jump in and fix that but you can't fix it.

When it's gone on for too long. disconnects have to be fixed before they really disconnect. And then it's a lot more work!"

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