Hey guess what?  It’s your offer, man.

When something isn’t working, it’s easy to point the finger at all kinds of things.

Your copywriting.  Your graphics.  The price.  The people.

The list goes on and on.  But guess what?  99.9999% of the time, it’s only one thing.

The offer.

Don't make your offer a happy accident.

The offer is the most important thing.

Let’s repeat that.

The offer is the most important thing.

Need to get a handle on your offer?

Watch this video.

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of the offer.

Key Takeaway:
Create an offer that has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. Instead, simply solve the problem.

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Can't watch the video?

No problem.  Here's what we said...


All right, what's going on guys, Ryan, Travis and Josh here from Freedym and right now we are talking about honestly, the most important thing.

If you're building a business, it is your offer. Ryan, you've been putting out offers ever since the dawn of the internet. So you know a thing or two about offers!

What is it about offers that make them so important but so difficult.


What we'll offer is really how you're getting people into your world, whether you're getting them as a paid customer getting them as a lead, but it's bringing them in.

And I don't think we spend enough time on our offers. But not even that even if we spend a lot of time on our offers. They're often not right.

And I know Travis, Travis gets a little salty when it comes to offers not working. Travis, lay it on us, baby. Here we go. Let's talk offers.


Let's just face it, the number one reason that businesses fail, especially online businesses, is that your offer sucks.

And it's quite, quite honestly, if you're having trouble, that is probably the reason is it your offers just not good enough.

And this is a big subject that we can go down a rabbit hole for a long, long time in one thing above all else is packaging something that people actually want. And even more important than what people what people want.

What people want, is what people think they want and what they think they want right now. So and where a lot of people go wrong is that they're really good at serving or solving problems. And they think that what they're what they're good at is what people want. And that is usually what people need.

But what we need to get to you is what do people want? And what do they want right now? What is the pressing problem that I can solve right this minute that people actually think they want. If it's really cold outside, I want a jacket. If I'm really hungry, I want to taco. So we've got to start cutting down and cutting down to the basics of what do people really want.

And what do they want right now, and then give that to them just solve their problem. At that point, the offer is not about you. The offer is about solving somebody's problem. It's about solving that problem that they have. If somebody's cold, and they need a sweatshirt, they don't care about you made the sweatshirt perfectly for them. They want something to keep them warm.

So solve the problem. Give them give them the sweatshirt. That's it.

So I think that's a I think that is one piece of the pie that you can take and you can start making your offer a little bit better look at it, look at your market, ask them what they want, and what would they want, if you had nothing to do with it.

And if you can solve that problem and get them excited about it, that has nothing to do with you. You're not the star yet. Your offer needs to be the star. Get that get that point, you will sell everything.

People come into your world that trust you. They'll trust you. They'll know like and trust you and you'll never have a problem again.


Dude, that what you said right there at the the last part the fact that the offer has nothing to do with you like a nail that where it has absolutely zero to do with you. That's a great reframe my friend.

And so it's Ryan, Travis, Josh, another episode of Freedym.

I want you guys to subscribe to the newsletter if you haven't already because we have so many more videos that are just like this that cover more in depth things like offers in emails, topics like implementing things, design, branding, all of it.

So check it out. Check out more on offers. Thanks, guys, and we'll see you later.

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