Everybody says I need to test everything.  Is this true?

There’s not a lot of difference between being a marketer and being a scientist.

Mad scientist, at that.

You come up with a hypothesis, which is a fancy way of saying ‘you guess’ - then put that idea out into the world to see what results occur.

It’s that simple.

Science. Marketing. This is what happens when they collide.

But do you really need to test everything?

Or has the concept of testing simply spiraled out of control as a buzzword for high-ticket coaching programs?

Thinking about split-testing your stuff?

Watch this video.

You may not have to do as much as you think.

Key Takeaway:
Pick 2 giant, meaningful things (and ONLY 2) and test them against one another. Don’t worry about the small stuff right now.

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Can’t watch the video?  

No problem. Here’s what we said…


What's going on guys? Welcome to Freedym. Ryan, Travis, Josh here...today we're talking about Facebook ads, any kind of ad really and testing.  

When really, in my opinion, more of a test of your patience than anything.

Ryan, what's the deal with testing?


Well, you hear every marketer talking about you got to test you got to test you got to test.

And I think what happens is we, we just freak out, we're like, oh my god, I'm gonna have to test 100 things when in reality, maybe that's not the truth.

T money. How are you feeling about testing yo?


Well, I'll tell you what, people talk about testing a lot, and especially online testing has gotten I think out of control.

We're testing every tiny variable. And every day, we're making a different test.

It's absolutely ridiculous.

And when you there's a much different way that you test when you're testing with something like direct mail, where you tell you have to buy 4000 pieces to see if something's going to work.

So you want to make those tests really big and really meaningful. So I say, pick two things, pick two different angles, two giant, giant, different ways to look at your offer. And if your offer sucks, none of the testing matters.

Make sure your offers but just test two big things and then test them against each other, one versus the other to the same market.

And you can really, really simplify get an idea which works better and then make make small changes to the things that are working.

Start with just two variables.


I like it. I think that that's really smart.

That simplification to just a couple of variables so you can really see what's working and what's not. That my friends is another reason why you watch freedom is because you get the nuggets like that.

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Ryan, Travis, Josh, we are out of here. Until next time, my friends.  Over to you.

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