The secret to getting more done?  Simplify until you can.

We all get paralyzed with having so much to do.  It’s intimidating.

When it comes to creating anything, there are a lot of steps.  You may think to yourself “I can’t do this!”  But here’s the trick.

Simplify your idea until you can do it.

Even Simple Jack knows what's up.

It’s one of the biggest lessons in entrepreneurship, especially at the beginning of the journey.

When you’re feeling stuck, watch this video.

It’ll help big time.

Key Takeaway:
Don’t make it too complicated. If you can’t do something, simplify it until you can.

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Hey, it's Ryan and welcome back to freedom. Today we're talking about one of my favorite topics simplicity, and especially simplicity when it comes to your business.

Now, Travis, man talking about simple you picked up moved to Puerto Rico surfing everyday you are living the simple life, the simple business.


As much as I like to think that I've that I orchestrated my life perfectly so that it's simple enough that I can just show up to a little bit of work, go surfing every day, I realized that there are always things that we can do to make it a little bit more simple.

And just a few days ago, the three of us were doing a training together in Josh came up with the perfect quote.

I think something that almost all of us can go through and reframe. reframe our entire business and like I'm going through going through in my life, and reframing everything around this one idea of simplify until you can.

Josh, will you kind of tell us more about this? Well, sort of brilliant frame.


Yes, yes. Thank you.

Ha! I was I was basically on the floor of a motorcycle shop two days into changing a set of clutch plates, and was all woozy from the gasoline fumes when I came up with this quote. So it just happened to work out that way.

However, I agree that is exactly what needs to happen. I mean, a lot of these videos and things that we're going to be talking about, about building a business and putting the all these pieces together and stuff.

You might be saying to yourself, "how am I going to do that if I don't have a big team? I don't have the marketing expertise. I mean, I'm trying my hardest to try my hardest to, to put all of this together. But I don't necessarily have the experience or the technical know how."

I would say take your idea, whatever it is that you're doing, and simplify it. Cut away the fat, cut away the extraneous stuff, and simplify it until you can do it yourself.

That will give you the basic foundation for progress. Once you start to get progress, you'll start to see what's working and what's not. And then all of a sudden, you'll find out that maybe a lot of that is complicated stuff that you were originally going to put in and pack into it was unnecessary.

So I would say my favorite quote, simplify until you can and I guarantee you you will make progress and it will not steer you wrong.


So again, another brilliant insight from my man Josh. And for Travis, as always stay tuned, more coming your way of Freedym. Keep clicking, keep learning keep moving forward, and above all, simplify.

See you soon.

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