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We’re sure you’ve heard about how you must have an SEO strategy, and frankly we don’t disagree.

However, even though the true 'inner workings' of Google’s ranking are not known to the public, there is a simple way to think about it.

One that focuses on only two things.  Content and links.

It doesn't have to be 800 things.

Are there other factors?  Yes.

Do they matter right now?  No.

Here’s a foolproof way to think about your SEO.

Watch this video.

It explains the ‘content and links’ idea in more detail.

Key Takeaway:
It comes down to 2 things: Content and links. Get these right and you're good.

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Can’t watch the video?

No problem.  Here’s what we talked about…


Yo, yo, yo Freedym peeps, we're back. And today we're talking about SEO.

Everybody likes free traffic, we like the idea that we're going to get organic, organic traffic. And I know Ryan really likes the idea of getting some organic traffic to his offers. What have you been doing for SEO?


Well, yeah, of course, look who doesn't love free-ish type content. And with one of my brands, I was really trying to focus on some SEO and content.

So Josh, and I spent the day at the coffee shop. And what I thought I knew, is not the right way. And Josh had this incredible way to just take all these complex thoughts and algorithms and all this SEO search engine optimization stuff and break it down into two things.

So I'm not going to blabber on yo Joshi, Josh, hit us up on your SEO thoughts.


So yes, I, I remember that day when we were sitting down at the coffee shop and kind of going over this. And by the way, I take no credit in coming up with this stuff on my own.

I learned this from other people.

But it really does make sense.

Basically, SEO is the long game. It's it's organic traffic, and it's the long term solution. But most people try to overcomplicate it mainly because Google is this hazy person behind the curtain that no one really understands.

And so in order to master SEO, everyone says, "you need to do meta tags. And you need to do all these little tweaks and things to bump yourself up." Forget all of that, really, it comes down to two concepts.

And if you master these two concepts, you will dominate SEO.  

It has to do with your content and the links. By content, I mean you're making good content that has search volume.  Things that people are actually typing into Google, what you write your article about, you have to make sure that that's a thing. Otherwise, no one will find you.

Links are other heavy-duty websites, websites with high domain authority. And we can get into that later. But websites that are respected on the internet that are linking back to you.

Those two things, if you just focus on those two things, whether you're doing it yourself or with another SEO company, focus on content and links, you will kill it with the SEO stuff.


Man, I love that Josh always coming at us with super simple things, just your content and your links. If no one's searching for you remember, this is all about people. When it comes down to it, whether you're talking about SEO paid traffic or anything else, it's about our people looking for what you're writing or for what you have to offer.

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Simple is better.

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