Congrats, you woke up.  Now what?

That’s the big question, right?

Do I work out?  Eat breakfast?  Not eat breakfast?  Open my computer? Check social media?

Read?  Journal?  Meditate?

It all seems to be equally screaming for your attention.

Not the best way to start off the day.

Here at Freedym, we like to keep things simple.

Here’s what to do first thing in the morning.

Watch this video.

Lessons learned from years of experience.

Key Takeaway:
Figure out your #1 lever - and pull it first!

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Hey, what's going on guys? Josh Ryan Travis here from Freedym.

We're about to talk about something that is one of my favorite topics. It's the morning routine.

Now, Travis, you. You have an amazing morning routine. You're surfing every morning, tell us a little bit about what you do.


Yeah, that I tried to make that first part of my morning about me. Because that's the way we created our life this way. That's why we created our businesses this way so that we can live life the way we want.

And it's really important.

But after that, it's always really important to know, what is the number one most important thing that we're going to do in the business for the day.

And for that I think Ryan has got lifestyle dialed with business. Ryan, tell us about that.


Yeah, so I've been doing this same routine for over 20 years.

Finding the spot that that makes me it gets me the most excited in terms of shifting into the business mode. For me, it's going to a coffee shop.

And I always recommend you find that number one thing that has the biggest impact on your business and you do that first you do that before checking email before making calls before checking social like, do that most important thing.  

For me it's email and it's sending an email newsletter to all of my different lists.

It's probably email but if it's not, maybe it is creating a specific video or trading sales copy or it's following up with sales calls or whatever that is, but you've got to figure out that most important thing you have to play offense from the minute business starts first sitting back and just playing defense.

So that number one the biggest lever, figure out what that is. Pull it the first thing every single morning, boom.


Really, really great advice. morning routines, figure it out. Pull that lever first.

This is Josh, Ryan, and Travis with another quick episode of freedom.

If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter, do that.

Take some action, figure out what you're gonna do in the morning, do it.

We'll see you guys next video. See ya!

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