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The #1 Way to Create Recurring Revenue

Taught by: Ryan, Travis and Josh
Normal price: $79

Want to turn your ideas, hobbies and passions into sweet, sweet recurring revenue? Then you're going to love this one.

Josh, Travis and Ryan (the 3 Freedym founders) reveal the #1 recurring revenue mistake 99% of people make when trying to get new subscribers - and how to fix it!

10 Points

7-Figure in Recurring Revenue.. with NO Ads (Case Study)

Taught by: Ryan and Ken Allen
Normal price: $199

You want big-time recurring revenue? Well, you're going to love this case-study.

Take a "behind-the-scenes" look at how a former tennis coach built a 7-figure membership site in the health space.. with no advertising. See everything from emails and content to his simple way to deliver everything with no sweat!

35 Points

Build Your List.. with Facebook!

Taught by: Travis Speegle
Normal price: $399

Travis is THE man when it comes to getting traffic from Facebook (he's spent over $30 million on FB alone).

Now, you can look "over the shoulder" as he creates a traffic campaign right before your eyes!

Wondering what to say?

Show me these emails you speak of

100 Points

Build Your Own "Micro-Business"

Taught by: Ryan Lee
Normal price: $750

Everyone has a different definition of "scaling". And if you want to start, run and grow a PROFITABLE lifestyle micro-business (defined as up to $3 million/year) by yourself - you're going to love this step-by-step 4-week course.

You'll see everything.. from creating a product that stands out, how to get traffic, the perfect pricing model. turning it into "micro-continuity" and so much more.

250 Points

Josh's "Funnel by Friday" Course

Taught by: Josh Koerpel
Normal price: $1000

I'm sure you've heard about the power of a "funnel". Well, hold onto your hat - my friend. Because Josh will break down EXACTLY how to build a funnel.

We're talkin' step-by-step: from idea to execution. Finally, a profitable funnel is within reach.

500 Points

The Famous "My Peeps" List Building Course

Taught by: Travis Speegle
Normal price: $2000

Let's get real, shall we? Your list IS your business.

It's your most valuable asset, is responsible for up to 90% of your sales and is something no platform can ever take away.

This 4-week course walks you through EXACTLY how to build your list in as little as 15-minutes. It's the most popular (and valuable) course we've ever created and it will transform your business.

1000 Points

30 Minutes 3-on-1 Call with Ryan, Travis and Josh

Taught by: Ryan, Travis and Josh
Normal price: $3500

The grand prize. The big kahuna.

Hop on a Zoom call with Ryan, Travis and Josh - AT THE SAME TIME - for a 30-minute 3-on-1 session as they all dive into your business. Have questions about your business, traffic, sales, copy, membership, tech, etc.? Ain't no challenge to big or small for the Freedym Founders.