TL;DR - Win an invite to the first-ever Mini Freedym Fest with founders Ryan, Travis and Josh.  

Or the GRAND PRIZE, a 30-minute, 3-on-1 coaching call!

Two ways to win:

👉 3 or more referrals in 5 days - Win a ticket to Mini Freedym Fest happening in November.

👉 The highest amount of referrals in 5 days - Win a 3-on-1 coaching call with Ryan, Travis and Josh!

Here's what's happening.  

I hope you’ve been digging our daily Freedym newsletter as much as we love creating it for you. We’re obsessed with curating all this goodness and delivering it to you every morning.

This weekend, Travis, Ryan and I were playing around with some ideas that can help get our humble newsletter into the hands of more great people like you. And we came up with something pretty cool.

You’ll have a chance to win a 3-on-1 coaching call with Travis, Ryan and myself (Josh)....or a ticket to the upcoming Mini Freedym Fest happening in November!

Get a 3-on-1 coaching call with all of us at Freedym!

That’s right, you’ll have all THREE of Freedym's founders with their eyes on your business during a private zoom coaching call.

Need help with your list-building, strategy, copy, pricing, tech, etc… we've got your back.

We’ve never done this before so it’s impossible to put a price on it. Let’s say, conservatively $2,500.

So how do you win it?

Easy peasy.

Just refer as many people as you can during the next 5 days (starting Monday) using your “Freedym referral” link.

You probably have questions, so we've tried to tackle them right out of the gate:

▪️ How do I find my Freedym referral link?

Open any Freedym email you've received. Your unique link is at the bottom!

Not signed up yet? Get a new referral link by subscribing here.

▪️ Will there be a replay for Mini Freedym Fest?

Possibly. Not sure yet. We'll choose a time that is convenient for most!

▪️ What kind of help can I get during the 3-on-1 call?

Anything and everything! Walk through your existing setup, or use us to create a new plan. We're talking list-building, continuity income, daily emails, Facebook and Google ads, funnel name it, we can help!

▪️ I have another question!

Send us an email!


In addition to being in the running for some great prizes, you’ll also get all those sweet trainings just by referring (including access to premium courses!).

The contest starts Monday October 31st and ends on Friday at Midnight EST.

Spread the love, show the world you’re “in the know”, and let’s build the best business ever.

Josh, Ryan and Travis
Freedym founders