Business is simple.  People overcomplicate it to the point of nausea.

Successful people stick to a simple path.  

P. A. T. H.  – stands for People, Assets, Tech, and Habits.

With these 4 things, you have everything you need.

🎯  People

Sometimes referred to as market research, avatars, whatever.  The point is, know your people.

Here's how to start thinking about that.

🐓  Assets

These are the ideas, concepts, and hooks that make you unique.  The items you have at your disposal to communicate, entertain, educate, and ultimately convert strangers into customers.

Examples of assets could be:

  • Your business plan
  • Your "hook" and unique offer
  • Your training materials
  • Your background or expertise
  • That PDF you created 3 years ago

Everyone needs to take inventory of these assets before they start building anything.

Learn more about assets here.

🤯  Tech

Everyone's favorite part.

This is where you actually build something and get real-world data back.  It's usually the tech that stops people from taking action.

Not anymore.  Here's how to start thinking about it.

🔔  Habits

Finally, there's habits.

Get yourself into the habit of enjoying the journey, because that's exactly what it is...a journey.

Get yourself into the habit of taking care of yourself, day-by-day.

Get yourself into the habit of communicating with your audience.

We recorded a video about this very topic.